Egypt.. Orders to arrest 3 people in the case of the drowning of the brother of the artist Ramy Sabry


و .مرت The Egyptian Public Prosecution By arresting the owner of the sanatorium, its manager, and the owner of the property in it, for investigation into the case.

The investigation file in the case included that the Public Prosecution received a notification from the Badrashin Police Station that the body of a young man who drowned in Mariouteya Canal was recovered while escaping from an unlicensed addiction treatment center.

The Public Prosecution’s investigations concluded that “after the deceased’s family learned that he had used narcotic substances, they sought to treat him, and placed him in a private clinic – unlicensed – toaddiction cure“.

And she added that “the day after he was deposited there, he escaped from it and jumped into the Mariouteya canal opposite it, and was unable to swim to cross it, so he pleaded to save him, but no one was able to save him, and he died.”

The Public Prosecution Office examined the body of Karim SabriAnd the aforementioned clinic was inspected, and the Department of Free Treatment at the Ministry of Health was assigned to inspect it to determine the nature of its activity, and to indicate the extent to which it is licensed as a medical facility and that it meets the health conditions.

The Public Prosecution asked the father of the deceased and two of his aides in depositing his son with the sanatorium, and two witnesses to his drowning, as well as the officer who conducted the investigations. He confirmed that the deceased drowned while escaping from a sanatorium located in a property rented by two, without one of them being registered with the Doctors Syndicate, and without having obtained the necessary licenses for that. With the real estate owner aware of the matter, the Public Prosecution ordered the arrest of the three for questioning and to complete the investigations.


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