Earth is farthest from the sun today


Today, Monday, the Earth will reach the farthest “aphelion” distance in its orbit around the sun this year at (12:27 am Cairo time), about two weeks after the summer solstice.

The Jeddah Astronomical Society confirmed that the Earth reaches the farthest distance from the sun in the middle of summer in the northern half, and this is one of the paradoxes that tells us that the distance from the sun is not the reason for the occurrence of the four seasons.

She explained that the earth moves in an orbit with a central difference of 0.017 almost circular around the sun, so the distance between the earth and the sun does not change much, as the earth is now about 5 million kilometers farther from the sun, 3.4% than it will be after six months from now , this is compared to the average distance from the Sun of about 150 million km.

She indicated that this year, the Earth will be at the apogee from the sun at a distance of 152,100,527 km compared to last year when it was at the “apical” on the fourth of July at a distance of slightly closer 152,095,295 km, and at this time the apparent size of the sun’s disk is slightly smaller than usual, but this is not Observed with the naked eye and should not try to stare or peek at the sun.

She said that the reason for the occurrence of the four seasons is due to the tilt of the Earth’s rotation axis of 23.4 degrees, we are now living in the summer because our planet is in a position of its orbit where the northern half tilts mostly towards the sun while the southern half tilts away from the sun so there is now winter .

It is worth noting that the changing distance between the earth and the sun is not the reason for the occurrence of seasons, but it affects the length of their duration. When the earth is far from the sun – as it is now – it moves slowly around the sun and this is what makes summer the longest of the four seasons in the northern half of the earth and winter the longest seasons in the southern hemisphere.


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