Donnarumma bids farewell to AC Milan fans with a touching message


Gianluigi Donnarumma, the former Italian and Milan goalkeeper, sent a farewell message to the fans of the team, after the expiration of his contract with the Italian team and the failure to reach an agreement to extend the contract.

According to reports, Donnarumma has already signed a contract to join Paris Saint-Germain, but the official announcement has not yet been made.

How did Donnarumma say goodbye to Milan fans?

Donnarumma bid farewell to Milan fans with a moving message, via the social networking site “Instagram” and said: “Some decisions are difficult, but they are part of growing up, I arrived in Milan when I was a little boy, I wore that shirt with pride.”

He continued, “We fought, suffered, won, cried and rejoiced again, all with my colleagues and coaches, everyone who was and still is part of that club, in addition to our fans, who have been an integral part of the family for years.”

And he added: “I have lived wonderful years that I will never forget, and I also achieved some personal goals in the red shirt, such as my first participation in the Italian League at the age of 16.”

He added: “Now it’s time to say goodbye, a choice that wasn’t really easy, and my post is of course not enough to explain that, or rather express what I feel can’t be put into words.”

He continued: “All the Rossoneri fans I met from day one to the last will always be in my heart as an important and essential part of that journey that made me who I am.”

Donnarumma concluded: “I wish Milan all possible successes with all my heart, for the affection that binds me to these colors, a feeling that cannot be erased by distance.”

It is noteworthy that Donnarumma was recently crowned with the Italian national team in the Euro 2020 championship after beating England in the final match on penalties, after the end of the regular and extra time in a 1-1 draw.

The 22-year-old was chosen as the best player in the tournament by the organizing committee, becoming the first goalkeeper to achieve the best player in the history of the Euro.

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