Does the “Delta Plus” mutation affect the effectiveness of the Corona vaccine?


Corona mutants continue to raise concerns, especially about their impact on the vaccines that are vaccinated in various parts of the world.

The American expert, Amish Adalja, ruled out that the “Delta Plus” variant eliminated the effectiveness of corona vaccines significantly, stressing that there is not enough data to say that this variable poses a significant risk to vaccines.

“It’s very difficult for this variable to erase all the protection that a vaccine provides,” said Adalja, a senior researcher at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security.

Most vaccines target the “spike” protein, or what is known as the “thorns” protein, which is a large protein consisting of 1,300 amino acids, and therefore any mutation will not change all this large number of amino acids.

“Delta Plus” contains an additional mutation called “K417N”, which distinguishes it from the normal “Delta” variant, and this mutation affects the “Spike” protein, and gives the virus an increase in transmissibility, and a stronger binding to lung cell receptors, but vaccines are still effective despite That, Adalja asserts.

He added: “The most important advantage of corona vaccines, is not preventing infection, but it prevents serious disease, and reduces the chances of hospitalization and death due to infection with the virus, and when it comes to this measure, vaccines are very important, even in the presence of (Delta Plus).”

And about the tendency of some countries to give a third booster dose of Corona vaccines, Adalja said that to make this decision, it is necessary to see huge numbers of vaccinated individuals develop an infection that leads to hospitalization, and this did not happen to a large extent, so it may be required for specific groups. And I don’t think it’s necessary for the general healthy population in the short term.”


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