Does Apple’s new battery with Magsafe technology outperform its competition?


date of publication:
27 Jul 2021 19:28 GMT

Update date: 27 Jul 2021 19:40 GMT

The American company “Apple” comes out all the time with major and secondary products, from which it tries to win over a wide segment of consumers, to attract the largest number of users, and ignite competition with other companies.

The last of those products was a small battery that sticks to the iPhone 12 series, which uses the revolutionary MagSafe wireless charging technology that Apple launched last year.

The new battery does not need to be manually installed in the phone, as it uses magnetic contact to stick to the phone, and this is what the Magsafe wireless charging technology provides.


The Apple battery is equipped with Magsafe technology, but it is more expensive than all competing batteries, because it bears the logo of the manufacturer of iPhone phones, and the battery sells for about $100.

The Apple battery comes at a slightly higher price because it uses better materials in the design of the battery, but this does not mean that it is always better, as the products of competing companies may sometimes be better than them.

For example, Anker’s battery with MagSafe technology is officially Apple-certified, but iOS doesn’t recognize it as an extra battery. Therefore, it will not appear in power control extensions, according to “aitnews”.

But the official Apple battery that uses Magsafe technology is compatible with all aspects of the system, so the system displays its percentage of charge and remaining power. Note that Anker’s battery comes at only $ 50, and is of high quality.


The Anker battery is superior in capacity, as it comes with a capacity of 18.5 watts, while the Apple battery comes with a capacity of 11.3 watts, so if you prefer to buy a battery with a greater capacity and a lower price, the Anker battery is a very suitable choice.

Another advantage of the competitor’s battery is that Anker’s battery uses a USB C port to charge it instead of the Lightning port, and this helps the user unify the charging ports for all his devices.

And you can abandon the use of the Lightning port with almost all Apple products, as products that use it for charging support wireless charging such as iPhone phones or AirPods pro headphones, while products that do not support wireless charging come with a USB C port, and this makes using Anker’s external battery easier than using it. Apple battery.


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