Do two doses of the Corona vaccine protect against the “delta” mutant? | DW Arabic news | Breaking news and perspectives from around the world | DW


Two doses of an anti-Covid vaccine appear to protect against the delta mutant of the rapidly spreading emerging coronavirus, it has announced. European Medicines Agency Thursday (1st of July 2021). The agency’s official in charge of vaccine strategy, Marco Cavalieri, said during a press conference that the Amsterdam-based agency “is aware of the concerns caused by the rapid spread of the delta mutant.”

He added, “Currently, it appears that the four vaccines approved by the European Union protect against all the mutants circulating in Europe, including the delta mutant.” He stressed that “data based on realistic evidence show that two doses of the vaccine protect against the delta mutant.”

The optimistic information comes at a time when the World Health Organization has warned that the mutant, detected for the first time in India, could cause a new wave of infections in Europe.

“There will be a new wave in the European region, unless we remain disciplined,” the director of the World Health Organization in Europe, Hans Kluge, stressed during an online press conference.

In response to a question about the concern related to the last matches of the European Football Cup, while cases are increasing in the organized cities (London, Baku and Saint Petersburg), the World Health Organization called on the European branch to track fans better and not only in the stadiums.

The four vaccines approved by the European Union are: Biontech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.



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