Divided by war, and all in a team: An impressive meeting between two Syrian brothers at the “Tokyo Olympics”



The war separated them.. and each in a team: a touching meeting between two Syrian brothers in


Two brothers separated by war meet at the Tokyo Olympics, but each on a team. Muhammad Maso is part of the Syrian national team, coming from Syria, and his brother, Alaa, is part of the refugee team, coming from Germany.

A picture of the two brothers meeting spread on social media, showing the joy of the meeting between Muhammad and Alaa, who left his country for Germany.

Fifteen Syrians are participating in the Olympics, six of whom represent Syria, including Muhammad Maso, the triathlete player (a sport that combines swimming, cycling, and running), while the refugee team includes 9 Syrians, including swimmer Alaa.

Comments on the meeting’s picture varied, but most of them focused on the human side.

Source: RT


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