Disclosure of “shocking” specifications of the Galaxy Z Flip 3


date of publication:
July 24, 2021 19:27 GMT

Update date: July 24, 2021 22:45 GMT

Disappointing and some shocking information began to unfold about some specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable phone, which many pessimists did not expect, or at least some of them, according to Sam Mobile.

Many technology experts around the world, through the communication sites, wondered that if a phone sacrificed its most prominent strengths, what is the manufacturer seeking behind it, and why sacrifice it as long as it made it, while competitors have exceeded its specifications by stages?

And the 3C database revealed that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will come with a 15-watt charger in the box, at least according to a previous entry in the database, which launched a campaign of ridicule and criticism across social media against Samsung.

The second point, which was no less shocking than its predecessor, is that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will contain a 3300mAh battery with a charging capacity of 15W, which made many feel very disappointed with the specifications of this phone.

According to Sam Mobile, the battery life is one of the weak points of the original Galaxy Z Flip, as it will also have a larger display that has higher power requirements.

He pointed out that it is equipped with a 3300 mAh battery with 15W charging, a Snapdragon 855+ 7nm chipset, and a 60Hz foldable screen.

These specifications are less than what was hoped for in a foldable phone, and many companies preceded it in the specifications of their phones, even the Chinese ones of an economic nature.

The site close to Samsung argues that faster charging capabilities are probably the best and easiest way to improve the autonomy of the Galaxy Z Flip series, without having to change much of the design.

He continued, “Increasing the battery capacity without compromising the form factor can be very difficult, especially considering that the phone has two batteries with a combined capacity of 3300 mAh.”

He pointed out that giving the 25W fast charging capabilities of the Galaxy Z Flip series is not enough, and said: “Unfortunately, it does not seem that faster charging will come to the Galaxy Z Flip 3.”


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