Director of “Mesh Anna”: We deleted 4 “romantic comedies” scenes, and she asked to act with Tamer


Director Sarah Wafik, director of the movie “Mesh Anna” starring Tamer Hosni, about which the controversy has been raised recently, said that she responded to the artist Hala Shiha after what she wrote about her appearance in the film, noting that she asked to delete some scenes in the film, and the artist Tamer Hosni I respect her point of view.She added, during an intervention with the media Amr Adib on the “Al-Hekaya” program, which is broadcast on MBC Egypt: “We went to the montage and opened the film again, and it represented an additional financial burden on the production company, and she requested that before the film was shown, because she got married at that time. period, and we deleted 4 scenes from the movie, which was something that needed to be studied so as not to disturb the content of the movie.”

And she said: “After that, the topic was closed, and Hala Shiha disappeared completely after that, and Tamer Hosni and the people in charge of the film tried to reach her, she did not respond to us, and she did not respond to our messages, and Tamer was defending her, and saying what happens is personal freedom, and after the video clip was released, I came out and wrote What I wrote, even though the movie has been showing for 21 days.”

And director Sarah Wafik continued: “She tried to reach Tamer, and told him that she wanted to return to the cinema by acting with a superstar actor, and he supported her morally and psychologically, and the scenes of the movie were delicious, so that she accompanied her children with her during filming, and all scenes are not There is no transgression, even the scenes that were deleted, were romantic comedy scenes, and her father apologized to Tamer Hosni after that.


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