Director of “A Letter to My Friend in France”: I am proud of my film’s participation in the Realti Festival in Nigeria


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Posted on: Wednesday, July 14, 2021 – 6:29 AM | Last update: Wednesday, July 14, 2021 – 6:29 AM

Young director Akram Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi announced the participation of his short fiction film “A Message to My Friend in France” at the “Realtime” International Film Festival, which will be held in its sixth session in Nigeria from July 20 to July 25.
Akram Al-Bazzawi said, in a statement to the Middle East News Agency, that he is proud of his film being chosen to participate in the official competition at the “Realtime” festival, which is being held in Nigeria, expressing his happiness with the film’s great successes at the level of festivals, especially since the film is still participating in major festivals. Film, which has reached 14 posts so far.
Akram added that the film was able to win many awards, the most recent of which was winning two awards from the “Faten Hamama” International Film Festival, which was held in its seventh online session in London last May, and also won the best film award in the official competition for children’s films from the Belgaum Festival in India.
The film revolves around an only child who decides to write a letter to a friend in France, an imaginary friend he met through his school. This is the second film by director Akram Al-Bazawi, after his short documentary film “The Journey of Searching for Abu Al Arabi”, in which he participated in many festivals.


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