Dina El-Sherbiny reveals the secret behind her presence in Lebanon


“Some Do Not Go to the Authorized Twice” is her latest work, which is currently shown in cinemas, through which she works with star Karim Abdel Aziz for the first time, and a large number of stars at work, but she was enjoying every minute behind the scenes of that work that is presented in a comic form Many important questions regarding the problems of divorce, marriage and romantic relationships, and despite the postponement of its presentation more than once over a year and a half due to “Corona”, the artist Dina El-Sherbiny is happy to present this work, which she considers one of her distinguished works, which she announced in exclusive statements with Al-Arabiya.net, She revealed many things, as well as her new work, which she is currently filming in Lebanon.

El-Sherbiny said, “The reactions to the film are very good and made me very happy. In fact, I was very scared before the film was shown, especially since it is the first time that I work with this elite with the stars, and the idea of ​​the film is very special. The main idea of ​​the film is to discuss the issue of divorce. And marital disputes, and the answer to the question why the husband and wife live together and endure life? Is it because of love or because of the marriage contract between them only?”

She indicated that she dreamed of acting with Karim Abdel Aziz, which she was able to achieve in this film, and she also expressed her happiness to present a comic experience in this way, commenting, “I adore comedy in an indescribable way, and the story of the film carries a very important social message, but in a comic form, and some believe that divorce It may make them more free, happy and unrestricted, but suddenly they find themselves trying to meet again through some beautiful things that bring them together. The author Ayman Wattar succeeded in presenting a dangerous social story that is present in every home in a simple comic that the viewer can easily absorb.”

Regarding the character she presents, El-Sherbiny explained, “I embody the role of Soraya, who is a stubborn character and always thinks that she is right, and then discovers that there is no person all the time right, and director Ahmed El-Gendy and author Ayman Wattar helped me access all the keys to the character to present it differently, and I also enjoyed many One of the tips that Karim Abdel Aziz gave me at the time of filming, presenting a comedy work is very difficult, and the task of making the audience laugh is never easy, but the scenes were good, we did not face any difficulties during filming, whether the last two weeks of filming in Aswan because the temperature was high The shooting was in the summer season, so I fell into a hysteria of laughter during the filming.”

And about the presence of two works of her during a short period in movie theaters, she attributed it to her love for the big screen, explaining, “Cinema lives, so to this day I prefer watching black and white films, and I like to know how they lived at that time, and if I could present more films than series, I would do that.” , but what happened is that I finished filming the movie “Some do not go to the authorized twice” about two years ago, and its release was postponed due to the Corona virus, as I usually do not shoot two works at the same time, and for the same reason I have two films that have not yet been released, one with Producer Wael Abdullah, and their date will be announced when that comes, according to the film’s producer.

Referring to the Ramadan season, which witnessed her presentation of a completely different work from all the works that were shown on the scene, Dina attributed the reason for her enthusiasm for presenting the series “Qasr Al-Nil” this dramatic experience, whose events date back to the sixties of the last century, to the ingenuity of Mohamed Suleiman Abdel Malik in writing the story. , as he did not ignore any detail related to all the characters that appear in the work, saying: “I was attracted to the story at first sight, especially since Egypt was of a special and distinctive character in that time period.”

She explained, “The character that I embodied is a vehicle and undergoes many transformations, and I made a huge effort during the preparation period, in addition to watching artworks that dealt with that time period, in order to be able to appear at a high level of professionalism. And appearance in general, so that I prepare mentally and formally in proportion to that time period.”

About her newness, El-Sherbiny said that she enjoys working with a great team in Lebanon for the series “The Visit,” which brings me together with artists Takla Chamoun, Carol Abboud, Elie Mitri, Abdo Shaheen, Serena Al-Shami and a group of Lebanese actors, and the idea of ​​the work revolves around interviews with real people who lived the horror experience on A span of 30 years, and its events were written in 8 episodes of horror and suspense between Cairo and Beirut in 1981, a narration workshop under the supervision of writer Maryam Naoum, directed by Adolfo Martinez, and implemented by a professional international team, who participated in the manufacture of international series, and it will be shown on one of the electronic platforms, This is the second collaboration between Dina El-Sherbiny and Takla Chamoun, where they worked together years ago in the Ruby series.


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