Dhi Qar Hospital in Iraq..a warning 48 hours before the tragedy


Difficult hours passed due to the catastrophe that Iraq witnessed after More than 100 people were killed After a fire broke out in the isolation center for Corona patients at Al-Hussein Hospital in Nasiriyah, Dhi Qar Governorate

Amid the political moves that began after the tragedy, the Director General of Civil Defense, Major General Kazem Salman Buhan, revealed some details what happened.

And he stated in a media statement, on Tuesday, that the civil defense team has periodic statements in which it mentioned a number of negatives and violations in all state departments, including the Ministry of Health.

He also added that his team also had official books in which he informed the management of the burned hospital about the faults, stressing that the officer in charge of the civil defense center made another inspection visit 48 hours before the accident occurred.

We own the documents!

He added that the center’s officer found during the visit that the hospital administration did not implement any of the instructions, so he indicated in his report to this, and kept a copy of the record.

He also pointed out that the team informed the hospital administration in an official letter during the past two months that there was a leak in the oxygen supply system for the wards, and this is very dangerous, stressing that the administration did not move and did not take the initiative to address those gaps.

It is worth noting that this statement coincided with the disclosure of the affected governorate’s health department, that the civil defense facilities at Al-Hussein Hospital were not working.

She added, on Tuesday, that the spread of the fire in the hospital was faster than the evacuation efforts, noting that the fire started in the room of a patient, according to preliminary investigations.

13 officials arrested

It is noteworthy that the Dhi Qar Appeals Court had issued arrest warrants and investigations against 13 officials in the governorate’s health department, including the department’s director, Saddam al-Taweel.

And the Iraqi News Agency (INA) published a document issued by the Dhi Qar Investigation Court, in which it appears that arrest and investigation warrants were issued against 13 officials in the Dhi Qar Governorate Health Department, including the director of the department, Saddam Al-Taweel, against the background of the fire that broke out in Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital.

from the fire

from the fire

While the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, confirmed that some are trying to destabilize security and spread chaos in the country, indicating that there is a need to separate administrative work from political influence.

After the disaster, he stressed that he will not tolerate the corrupt or those who manipulate the lives of citizens, pointing out that anti-corruption efforts face systematic obstruction.

The disaster resulted in the deaths of more than 100 people, and nearly 70 wounded. The Iraqi Ministry of Health stated that among the dead, dozens died of suffocation.


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