Days before the wedding anniversary, Charles and Diana’s mistakes in the “legendary wedding”


July 29 will mark the 40th anniversary of Prince Charles’s marriage to the late Diana, a ceremony attended by 3,500 guests at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

In 1981, more than 750 million people around the world watched Prince Charles marry the Princess of Wales, and with so many guests in the historic British cathedral, it’s no surprise that the newlyweds were nervous on their legendary night of life, which was considered one of the most watched events in British history. According to the British newspaper “Mirror”.

The newlyweds, Charles and Diana, were getting very nervous, and they made some mistakes during their wedding vows. The Duke of Cornwall said his vows first and instead of saying “my worldly goods” he said “thy worldly goods” (the sentence usually said in wedding vows between newlyweds).

Meanwhile, Diana stumbled into Charles’ name arrangement, and ended up calling him by the wrong name, his full name being Charles Philip Arthur George, but when reciting her vows, Diana called him Philip Charles.

During the legendary wedding, the late princess wore an oversized ivory silk taffeta gown, and the task of designing the Princess of Wales’ dress was the responsibility of British fashion designers, David and Elizabeth Emmanuel.

The designers did their best to ensure the design was kept a secret, and even destroyed their drawings immediately after showing them to Diana to make sure no one could find them.

And he made another wedding dress for Diana as a backup option in case the design leaked.

According to an inside source from the British royal family, while Diana was wearing her gorgeous wedding dress, she poured an entire bottle of perfume on her legendary gown.

The fragrance was created by the official royal perfume house House of Houbigant.

A year after their fairytale wedding, Charles and Diana welcomed Prince William and later Prince Harry, but the couple separated in 1992 after their marriage fell apart.

The couple separated in 1996, just a year before Diana tragically died after a car accident in Paris.


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