Curriculum development and penalties for cheating fought the phenomenon of exam leakage


Journalist Adel Al-Sanhoury said that in the past the rule in high school exams among students was cheating and leakage, but nowadays the opposite is happening, especially with the absence of cases of diversion, the development of exam methods, the development of curricula and the imposition of penalties on cheaters.

Al-Sanhoury added, during his hosting of the Sabah Al-Balad program, with the media, Rasha Magdy, broadcast on the Sada Al-Balad satellite channel, that the use of technology and scientific development in exam methods results in some difficulties in its beginning, but gradually the modern systems are adapted.

He pointed out that the use of technology and modern education systems requires more training and familiarization, in order for students to avoid any obstacles in using it and proceeding with it during their different academic stages.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education, advised parents and students yesterday, Saturday, not to focus on matters related to long exams and time, especially since the whole matter is a competition between students in performing exams with fixed standards.

He pointed out that with regard to students’ complaints about the lack of fans in the committees, explaining that the instructions of the Ministry of Health issued its instructions not to use fans for reasons related to the Corona virus, but only side fans were allowed.

He pointed out that there is great cooperation from several parties, including the Ministry of Interior, Health, Communications, Justice and all the sovereign bodies to secure the marathon for the launch of the high school exams.

Tariq Shawky announced, through his official account on the social networking site Facebook, a statement detailing the penalties that were decided to be imposed on the cheating cases that were monitored by the high school operations room in the high school examination committees 2021 yesterday, Saturday, 10/7/2021 during the Arabic language exam.

The Minister of Education said: We have warned a lot of cheating in the high school exams 2021, but unfortunately the students mentioned in this statement made attempts to cheat and were caught and punished as mentioned in the statement.

This morning, the exams for the first round of the general secondary school completion certificate for the current academic year 2020/2021 were launched, yesterday, Saturday, as 392,863 male/female students in the “Scientific Division” took the exam in the Arabic language, out of a total number of 393,883 male/female students in the “section.” Scientific”, within 2201 committees at the level of the Republic.

The number of high school students this year is 651 thousand and 28 students in the two divisions (scientific and literary) at the level of the Republic.

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