Cuban president calls unrest in his country ‘lies’


Havana: (AFP)

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel considered, on Saturday, that talk of unrest on the island is a “lie”, and his statements came during a gathering presented by Raul Castro, and attended by thousands of supporters in Havana.

“What the world sees in Cuba is a lie,” Diaz-Canel said, denouncing the publication of “misleading images” on social networks, “where the destruction of property is encouraged.” This comes after six days of historic demonstrations against the communist regime. He stressed that there is “blatant hatred on social networks”, at a time when the Internet was cut off from mobile phones on the island from Sunday noon to Wednesday morning, before it was restarted intermittently.

“There is no government that represses its own people” in Cuba, he added. He continued, “No lie was committed by chance or by mistake. All this falls within the framework of cold calculations in the terms of an unconventional war.”

“Born to conquer, not to be conquered,” chanted crowds on Havana’s coastal avenue. Next to him sat former President Raul Castro (90 years old), who was forced to cut short his retirement temporarily, given the seriousness of the situation. According to the newspaper “Granma”, similar gatherings have been called in other cities in the country such as Santiago de Cuba, Bayamo, Camaguey and Santa Clara.

The protests that erupted in Cuba this month have left one person dead, dozens injured, and more than 100 arrested.


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