Criticism of the German Olympic team uniforms


The German Olympic team’s uniform has drawn criticism from some athletes and social media users in the country and abroad.

“Who is responsible for this uniform,” Olympic basketball player Maudu Lu said on Instagram. The German team wore a green uniform, over it an extravagant jacket and phosphorescent shoes. His teammate Nils Jevi agreed, and asked the sportswear company “Adidas” and the German team, “Who thought of this?” The uniforms worn by the German team at the opening ceremony did not impress the netizens either.

One person wrote on the social networking site “Twitter”: “No one can take away the gold medal because of the ugliest outfit.” Another added, “You can count on the lack of good coordination of the German team’s clothing at the Olympics.” The controversial outfit also appeared in the BBC’s live transcript of the Tokyo concert.

BBC quoted one user as saying: “After following the live text on the motorway. I tried to describe how bad the German dress was for my wife, who was driving. Words couldn’t describe it!”

Adidas defended itself, stating that the uniform was made with the German Olympic Committee, and received positive feedback when it was officially introduced two months ago.


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