“Corruption in Corona” .. Saudi Arabia reveals the details of the case of falsifying the health status in exchange for a bribe


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced the involvement of 122 citizens and residents in a corruption case related to falsifying the health status and recording incorrect data related to the status of Corona in exchange for a financial bribe.

An official source in the Saudi Control and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) indicated, on Wednesday, to the statement issued on July 1, regarding the authority’s monitoring of advertisements on social media sites from people who modify the health status to (injured, unvaccinated, vaccinated, first dose, immunized) and raising Data in an irregular manner, in exchange for sums of money.

The source said, “The authority started its procedures immediately, and the Ministry of Health employees, mediators (citizens and residents), and those whose health conditions were modified were arrested.” He added, “After expanding the search and investigation procedures and investigations, it was proven that 122 defendants were involved, and all of them confessed to the charges attributed to them,” according to what was reported by the Saudi Press Agency.

The source pointed out that accusations of bribery, participation in forgery and money laundering were brought against 9 employees of the Ministry of Health in charge of adjusting cases, 92 people who managed to modify their health conditions, and 21 mediators who coordinated and received the money.

The source stressed that the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority “continues to monitor and control those involved in the case of employees, mediators and beneficiaries in the case of modifying the health status, and to implement what the system requires against them, because of these actions have severe negative effects on the efforts made by state agencies to combat this epidemic.”


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