Corona Virus: Will the Delta mutation aggravate the fragile democracy crisis in Tunisia? – Financial Times


The Ministry of Health said that private field hospitals are no longer sufficient.

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The Ministry of Health said that private field hospitals are no longer sufficient.

We begin the presentation of the British newspapers with a report written by the correspondent of the Financial Times newspaper, Heba Saleh, entitled “The delta axis exacerbates the fragile democracy crisis in Tunisia”, especially after the army took over the management of the Corona crisis, in light of the rapidly deteriorating health situation that added burdens to the political and economic problems that faced the country suffers.

The writer says that despite looking at Tunisia as the only democracy among the Arab countries that rose up against the dictatorship in 2011, the deteriorating health situation, in light of the outbreak of the “delta” mutator, with low vaccinations and the highest death rate for Covid-19 in the Arab world It tests the limits of a political system riven by differences between the head of state, the prime minister, and the speaker of parliament.

The Tunisian President, Kais Saied, decided to use the army in efforts to combat Corona, a day after Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi dismissed the Minister of Health, Fawzi Mahdi, following scenes of chaos in vaccination centers suffering from a lack of supplies, and the move was considered an escalation of the power struggle. between them.

“This is an exacerbation of the political crisis and polarization between the two men,” said Youssef Sharif, a political analyst and head of the Columbia Global Center in Tunisia, adding that the government “mismanaged the health crisis by not preparing for the influx of cases.”


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