Corona patient wears the niqab and impersonates his wife to board a plane


An Indonesian man infected with the Corona virus was caught on a flight after he boarded the plane disguised as a woman, and the man wore a niqab, and was carrying his wife’s passport.

The man raised suspicions when he changed his clothes during the flight, which aroused the suspicions of one of the flight attendants, so she informed the flight crew.

And the police revealed to reporters that they arrested the man after the plane landed and he was subjected to a Corona examination, and after discovering that he was infected, he was asked to isolate himself. According to “BBC”

This incident comes amid strict travel restrictions in Indonesia, which has become the epicenter of the virus in Asia, where 50,000 infections were recently recorded daily.

Hospitals were overcrowded in recent weeks and suffered from a shortage of equipment, including oxygen. Nearly three million residents of the country have contracted the virus, and more than 72,000 people have died as a result of the infection.

The large spread of the virus is due to the slow process of vaccination against the disease and the rapid spread of the Delta faction.



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