Corona is very declining in Britain and scientists are confused about what is happening


You do not find among British scholars who describe what is happening toCorona In it, it is a miracle, but what happens to the one who killed more than 129 thousand, with 5 million and 722 thousand injuries in the United Kingdom since it appeared in December 2019 in China so far, may become a miracle if it continues as it is currently, even for a week at least.

What is happening in Britain, is that the newcomer has been declining very much for 6 days without stopping, so yesterday, Monday, for example, he recorded 24,950 injuries, a decrease of 15,000 from the previous two, and more than 30,000 from the 54 thousand injuries he recorded on July 17, so scientists were confused about him and searched for The reason, and they did not find anything to cure the galloping, was only speculation, and in the video presented below, more about it, and about the Corona situation in Britain.

Previous warnings had stated that Britain would witness 100,000 infections per day starting from July 19, i.e. “Liberation Day” in which the government lifted all restrictions, including wearing a muzzle, according to what Al had seen in local media. But what happened was what surprised many, including Dr. Christopher Jewell, a professor of epidemiology at the British University of Lancaster, and he is optimistic that more information will be known next week that reveals the reason, according to what can be deduced from what was reported by the newspaper “The Times” today.

Mortality is also down 50%

The professor admitted that the decrease in the number of injuries was “a bit puzzling” and did not find an explanation, except that people “become less inclined to take the test if they book for a summer vacation, or the cause may be disturbances in sending tests or a defect in the data,” while the newspaper quoted another scientist, who is Dr. Paul Hunter, a virologist from the University of East Anglia in England, said that previous warnings of 100,000 infections were a “great overestimation” and considered that the reason for the decline might be related to the “Euro 2020” football tournament, “where the virus infected many who gathered to watch matches in groups. Great,” he said.

And almost the same, said Dr. Karl Friston, a professor of neuroscience at University College London in the British capital, saying that people “may have exaggerated the interpretation of the worst-case scenario models, which predicted 100,000 injuries per day during the summer,” knowing that 14 deaths occurred yesterday, Monday, compared to 28 days on Sunday. The past, a decrease of exactly half, while 5,055 injured were admitted to hospitals until yesterday.


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