Corona injuries for fully vaccinated workers at “Hariri Hospital”!


The Director General of Rafic Hariri University Hospital, Dr. Firas Abyad, revealed that 6 hospital workers were infected with the “Corona” virus, 4 of whom were fully vaccinated, stressing that “vaccines do indeed protect against severe “Corona” infection, but the individuals who took the vaccine do not They are still susceptible to disease.”

Abyad wrote in a series of tweets on Twitter: “6 workers at Rafic Hariri University Hospital were infected with corona this month. 4 of the injuries were in two workers who were fully vaccinated. Only one needed hospitalization, and he is an older worker suffering from comorbidities. Vaccines help It saves lives. Should vaccination be mandatory for all hospital staff?”

He added: “Although vaccines do indeed protect against severe corona infection, individuals who have received the vaccine are still susceptible to contracting the disease, albeit less likely than if they were not vaccinated. A lower probability of infection also leads to a lower probability of transmitting the infection to others. others, such as patients.

He continued, “It is now clear that vaccines are safe, and side effects tend to be mild. Even when serious side effects have been reported, they are rare. It is clear that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks, and this is even more important in health sector workers exposed to and mingling with infected patients.

He stressed that “the mandatory vaccination for health sector workers is not new. Influenza and other vaccines are required for all health care workers. The requirement of the vaccine is also becoming more common, for example, for travel, or to enter public places. These policies are adopted by countries all over the world.” .

He concluded: “In Lebanon, the main obstacle to spreading the vaccine on a larger scale remains the availability of the necessary quantities. Large parts of the population are eager to receive the vaccine, but they are still waiting for their appointment. This will hinder any decision to compel the vaccine on a large scale. Ask what is possible.”

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