Corona .. China denounces the “arrogance” of the Health Organization and Tunisia is investigating the chaos of vaccination centers and hundreds of Ugandans who received fake doses of the vaccine | world news


Today, Thursday, China rejected the World Health Organization’s plan to conduct a second stage of investigation into the origin of the Corona virus, which includes the hypothesis that it may have leaked from a Chinese laboratory, while Tunisia opened a judicial investigation into the chaos of vaccination centers, on the first day of Eid al-Adha.

China said today, Thursday, that a proposal by the World Health Organization to audit the activities of Chinese laboratories in the context of expanding the investigation into the origin of the Corona virus was “disrespectful” and “arrogant about science.”

The World Health Organization this month proposed conducting a second phase of studies on the origins of the Corona virus in China, including audits of laboratories and markets in Wuhan, and called on the authorities to be transparent, amid increasing pressure from the United States to conduct an investigation into the activities of the “Wuhan Institute of Virology.” And ahead of a visit by US Assistant Secretary of State Wendy Sherman to China over the weekend.

The proposal presented by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus includes “audits of (activities) of relevant laboratories and research institutions operating in the area of ​​registration of the first human infections that were detected in December 2019”, in reference to the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Today, Thursday, Chinese Vice Minister of Health Zeng Yixin said at a press conference that he was “extremely surprised” by the proposal, which showed “disrespect for logic, and arrogance towards science.”

Beijing strongly rejects the hypothesis that the virus leaked from a laboratory.

Beijing has often stressed that the leak is “extremely unlikely”, and in this refers to the findings of a joint mission of the World Health Organization and China to Wuhan last January.

“There have been no incidents of pathogen leakage or infection among staff” since the lab opened in 2018, Yuan Zhiming, director of the National Biosafety Laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, said during a press conference today.

Tunisian investigation into the “chaos” of vaccination centersمراكز

In Tunisia, the Presidency of the Government announced yesterday, Wednesday, the opening of a judicial investigation, due to the randomness witnessed by the vaccination centers against the Corona virus, on the first day of Eid al-Adha.

This came according to a statement issued by the Presidency of the Government carried by the official Tunisian News Agency.

A statement issued by the Presidency of the Government said that its Prime Minister, Hisham Al-Mashishi, assigned the Acting Minister of Justice, Hasna bin Suleiman, to raise and move the case (opening an investigation) with the Public Prosecution regarding the random opening of vaccination centers for the prevention of the Corona virus last Tuesday.

The statement criticized the opening of vaccination centers on Eid al-Adha without providing the necessary doses for the age group to which the call for vaccination was directed, or coordinating with the central and regional health and security authorities.

Last Tuesday, several vaccination centers in Tunisia witnessed a stampede and overcrowding of those wishing to receive the anti-Coronavirus vaccination, who presented in numbers that exceeded expectations, which led to the closure of the centers and the suspension of the vaccination process.

The Tunisian Ministry of Health allocated Tuesday and Wednesday of Eid al-Adha to provide vaccinations to everyone over the age of 18, before the operation was suspended due to overcrowding.

The Tunisian government’s presidency announced, on Tuesday, the termination of the duties of the Minister of Health, Fawzi Mahdi, and the assignment of the Minister of Social Affairs, Mohamed Trabelsi, to his duties as acting.

This comes amid fears that Tunisia will witness an unprecedented epidemic wave characterized by a wide spread of alpha and delta mutated strains in most states, with a rise in the rate of injuries and deaths.

Dramatic rise in injuries in Cuba

On the other hand, the “Pan American Health Organization” warned yesterday, Wednesday, that Cuba is witnessing a “dramatic rise” in Corona infections in many of its provinces, where the highly contagious mutagen delta is spreading.

“Covid-19 cases and deaths are on the rise in Cuba, where many provinces are recording a dramatic rise in infections,” said Carissa Etienne, director of the Pan American Health Organization, during a press conference.

The director of this regional agency of the World Health Organization added that the situation was “particularly delicate” in the tourist region of Matanzas.

For his part, the head of emergencies at the Pan American Health Organization, Ciro Ugarte, said that Cuba, with a population of 11 million people, this week recorded a record number of infections since the virus appeared on the island in March 2020.

He added that Cuba recorded this week “more than 43,000 infections, an increase of 21% (compared to the previous week), and an average of 6,199 new infections per day,” noting that the delta mutated virus is spreading “in several provinces.”

Cuba did not join the Kovacs program for distributing vaccines to poor countries, which is supported by the World Health Organization and managed in Latin America by the Pan American Health Organization, but it developed its own vaccines for Covid and launched in mid-May a national program for immunization using two of these vaccines, benefiting about 30% of residents as of July 11.

More than 45,000 cases of black fungus in India

In a new development, New Delhi announced yesterday, Wednesday, that India had recorded over the past two months more than 45,000 cases of “black fungus”, a fungal disease whose death rate is more than 50% and is spreading especially among people infected with Covid-19.

Deputy Health Minister Bharati Praveen Pawar told Parliament that more than 4,200 people have died from “moldycosis”, which is usually a rare disease, but it has spread in India among people who have recovered from Corona.

This highly aggressive fungal disease, with a mortality rate of over 50%, has forced surgeons to remove the eyes, noses and jawbones of some patients to prevent infection from reaching the brain.

According to the government, Maharashtra (west) is the most affected by this disease, with 9,348 cases recorded.

Mutual fungus, known as black fungus, is caused by organisms called molds that can enter the body through breathing or injuries to the skin.

People with diabetes, weak immune systems, and people who have undergone organ transplants are most at risk of contracting this disease.

Two athletes infected with Corona virus

In Japan, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organizing Committee said today, Thursday, that two athletes in the Olympic Village were infected with the Corona virus.

Organizers announced 11 new cases, including the two athletes, bringing the total to 86.

Fake doses of vaccine for hundreds of Ugandans

In Uganda, about 800 people received one or more adulterated doses of Corona vaccines, as part of a fraud operation behind “unscrupulous” doctors and nurses, the authorities said yesterday, Wednesday.

Fake vaccines, sometimes mixed with water, were injected between the months of May and last June, when the country was in the midst of a widespread outbreak with 1,700 new infections recorded daily.

Dr. Warren Namara, in charge of monitoring health services, explained that those involved in the fraud targeted – in the first place – those wishing to receive the vaccine in exchange for paying for it, when the country was suffering from a shortage of vaccines that it distributed free of charge through the national vaccination campaign.

“Unscrupulous individuals, with the aim of making money, deceived people from the population with fake vaccines,” he told AFP, pointing out that two health workers were arrested while a doctor was still on the run.

He called on those who received the vaccines not to worry, as tests showed that the doses did not contain any dangerous substances, with “only water in some of them.” He explained that those involved received an amount ranging between 25 and 120 dollars for each dose.


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