Corona around the world .. Countries lift restrictions and others are worsening


As of today, remote work will no longer be the norm in Britain, concert halls and stadiums will be open to full capacity, nightclubs will once again be able to receive customers, and restrictions will be lifted on the number of people allowed to gather, and an end will be imposed on the obligatory wearing of a muzzle in common transportation and stores But the authorities are recommending that people continue to be as vigilant as possible.

A easing of travel restrictions on some destinations will also take effect today, and under this amendment, people who have received the full vaccination in the United Kingdom will not need to adhere to a quarantine upon their return from countries classified as “orange”, including many tourist destinations such as Italy and Spain.France will be excluded from easing restrictions due to the continued emergence of infections with the “beta” mutant, which is of concern to the government due to its resistance to the “AstraZeneca” vaccine, which is widely used in the vaccination campaign in the United Kingdom.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson – who was forced to adhere to the quarantine due to his contact with Health Minister Sajid Javid, who has “Covid-19” – called on his citizens to continue to exercise caution despite the lifting of health restrictions.Johnson stressed on Sunday that Monday is the “appropriate time” to lift restrictions, and said in a video on Twitter, “Please move tomorrow to the next stage of lifting the closure, adhering to all due caution and respect towards others, with the continuing dangers resulting from the disease,” recalling The “Delta” mutant – to which the number of infections has been increasing for weeks – is attributed to it – is highly contagious.

It is noteworthy that Britain recorded the largest number of infections with the Corona virus in Europe, and the virus led to the death of more than 128 thousand and 600 people in Britain, where the number of infections has increased dramatically for weeks, and has reached more than 585,000 since the first of this July, and currently there are 550 infected Corona virus in the intensive care departments in the country’s hospitals, compared to more than 4 thousand at the height of the second wave last January.

The Conservative British Prime Minister is trying to build on the success of the rapid vaccination campaign that began last December and led to fully vaccinating two-thirds of adults, and the campaign has reduced the number of infections and deaths, allowing the public health system to catch its breath.

The easing of health restrictions in Britain raises fears, in light of the high number of infections as a result of the spread of the highly contagious “delta” mutant, and the Minister of Health has acknowledged the possibility of the number of daily infections reaching 100,000 this summer.

Last Friday, a group of influential international scientists called on the British government to reverse its decision to lift restrictions, saying that it “threatening to undermine efforts to control the epidemic, not only in the UK, but in other countries as well.”

In China, the National Health Committee said today, Monday, that mainland China recorded 31 new confirmed cases of the Corona virus yesterday, Sunday, down from 33 cases the previous day.

The committee stated in its daily bulletin that 26 of the new cases were “imported from abroad”, while 5 cases were recorded inside.

She added that the number of new infections that do not show symptoms has reached 17, and China does not classify these injuries as confirmed cases.

Thus, the total number of confirmed cases of “Covid-19” in mainland China has reached 92,277, while the number of deaths remains constant at 4,636.

In Egypt, the Egyptian Ministry of Health recorded 67 new infections with the Corona virus and 7 deaths yesterday, Sunday, down from 69 injuries and 8 deaths the previous day.

Ministry spokesman Khaled Mujahid said in a statement, “The total number that was registered in Egypt with the new Corona virus until Sunday is 283,703, including 223,645 cases that have been cured, and 164,064 deaths.”

In Tunisia, the Tunisian presidency announced yesterday urgent supplies of oxygen from Algeria and Kuwait, which are expected to arrive within hours to fill the severe shortage in the country’s hospitals overcrowded with Corona patients.

A statement by the presidency stated that Algeria decided to send two trucks by land loaded with oxygen, while tanks from other countries are expected to arrive as of Monday, as Kuwait decided to send shipments of oxygen via an air bridge.

This move comes after doctors in public hospitals called for oxygen to be provided, fearing that more victims of the virus would fall in light of the shrinking stock of this substance.

The daily infection rate in Tunisia over the past week exceeded 7,000, while the daily reported death rate in hospitals exceeded 160 cases, and medical aid and equipment from several countries poured into Tunisia with promises to provide hundreds of thousands of vaccines against the Corona virus, to help it contain the health crisis. Serious.


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