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Any comfort, big or small, during a long flight can make the difference between a miserable journey and a potential one. Of course the airlines understand this, too, and they are all happy to charge more for seats with more legroom and a better location.

The German magazine “Rise Unt PRIZE” took an in-depth look at the cost of the coveted seats. Whereas an unpopular middle seat cost about $10 to $65, depending on the airline and flight length, the aisle or window seats as well as facing the cockpit area cost an additional $35 to $120 one way, and for a return trip doubles the amount.

Emergency exit seats that promise more legroom can cost an additional $60 to $150 when choosing a seat during booking.

With regard to seat comfort in general, the magazine found that the dimensions of competing airlines have become similar in recent years, as the standard seat space in the economy class is about 79 centimeters.

Another factor to keep in mind on long trips is the rules regarding hand luggage. According to the magazine, the permissible weight can vary from one company to another, and the permissible weight is often seven kilograms, and in some cases it can reach 12 kilograms.

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