Comparison between Apple’s Magsafe battery and competitors


Apple has announced a magnetically mounted mini iPhone 12 that uses Magsafe technology.

This MagSafe battery is not the first of its kind as similar batteries have been released by third parties.

You also don’t need to manually install it in your phone because it uses a magnetic contact to connect it to your phone, which is provided by MagSafe technology.

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We can’t compare Apple Battery with all the third-party companies that offer Magsafe batteries. Therefore, in this topic, we are comparing the battery to the Anker battery.

Price difference between Apple and Anker batteries

An Apple battery with Magsafe technology costs more than all the competition because it has the iPhone maker’s logo on it.

The battery sells for about $100, while the Anker MagSafe battery costs about $50.

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And the Apple battery costs a bit more because it uses the best materials in its construction. But that doesn’t mean it’s always better.

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iPhone compatibility

The Anker MagSafe battery is officially Apple certified. But iOS does not recognize this battery as an extra battery. Therefore, it will not appear in the power management plug-ins.

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But the official Apple battery that uses Magsafe technology is compatible with all aspects of the system. Thus, the system displays the percentage of charge and the remaining charge.

The difference in capacity and size

Anker’s superior battery is 18.5Wh, while Apple’s has 11.3Wh.

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So if you prefer a battery with a larger capacity at a lower price, Anker’s battery is a very suitable option.

The batteries are similar in appearance and design. The only difference is that Apple uses better materials.

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Ease of use

The Anker battery uses a USB C port for charging instead of the Lightning port, and this helps the user to standardize charging ports across all their devices.

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And you can opt out of using the Lightning port with almost all Apple products, as the products you use to charge support wireless charging, such as iPhone headphones or AirPods pro.

Although products that do not support wireless charging come with a USB C port, this makes it easy to use the Anker external battery.

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