Chelsea, English, sends a letter to an Egyptian fan. What is the story?


A Chelsea fan reveals, Mohammed Ehab, Behind the scenes of this sudden speech from the English club.

Ehab, 22, says that he was preparing to follow the Champions League final, which brought his favorite team together Chelsea And his counterpart, Manchester City, which ended with the victory of the Blue Club with a clean goal.

He added to “Sky News Arabia”: “I have a special ritual for following Chelsea matches, such as wearing the team shirt, and decorating my room with different flags of the club’s logo. On the day of the final match, my father took some photographs of me while I was watching the match, and I did not know why at the time.” .

Ehab explains that his father contacted the English club during the past few days, and sent him the photos he had taken and some details of his son’s health condition, asking the club to send a video clip or a letter to support him during the difficult period.

And he continues, “I was surprised by an official letter from Chelsea, and I did not know anything about my father’s attempts to communicate with the English team. That was one of the best moments of my life.”

The Egyptian young man published the letter sent to him from Chelsea, on his personal page, thanking his father and his favorite club, “The Blues”.

The past few hours witnessed a wide interaction from social media users with Ehab’s post, amid great praise for the reaction English club النادي.

At the conclusion of his interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Ehab expressed his great happiness with Chelsea’s speech, wishing that the blue team would achieve many titles in the coming period.


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