Cardiologist explains how to deal with arrhythmia


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Cardiologist explains how to deal with arrhythmia


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Dr. Andrei Serov, a cardiologist, has revealed a method that helps a person overcome a condition of arrhythmia.

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In an interview with Radio “Moscow Speaks”, the specialist notes that arrhythmia can be overcome without the use of medications, using a special breathing technique.

He says, “One of the cases of arrhythmia is called supraventricular tachycardia, which usually appears in youth and lasts for life. This condition appears suddenly and the heartbeat accelerates to 150-160 beats per minute, and then stops suddenly as well. This condition can be stopped using the vague breathing technique, where the person must take a deep breath and hold his breath as long as possible, and in this way, this case of arrhythmia can be overcome.”

The specialist advises everyone who suffers from arrhythmias to undergo radiofrequency ablation, a medical procedure in which part of the heart’s electrical conduction system is removed using a laser, after which more than 90 percent of patients recover.

Source: RIA Novosti


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