California continues to work to put out fires – Arabs and the world – the world


Hundreds of firefighters worked “Friday” to contain three wildfires that burned more than 15,000 hectares in Northern California, including in a tourist area that was preparing to receive a large number of visitors for the weekend.

Authorities have ordered evacuations along Lake Shasta, where high temperatures, drought and winds are spreading fires.

About 40 buildings were destroyed, including at least six homes near Lakehead.

“Everything is very arid because of the drought. We had very little rain and the lake level is very low for this time of year. These are ideal conditions for fires,” said Cecil Hengst, owner of the Lakehead Campground, a vacation site. He indicated that he had to close the site due to eviction orders.

Hengst, who has been working in the area for 12 years, added that the fire “was already very close … this is dangerous.”

In the north, the “Lava” and “Tenant” fires continued to spread in forest areas, where columns of thick gray smoke rose.

After a spell of extreme heat, dozens of fires are currently active in western North America, from Canada to California.



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