Britney Spears files a petition in court to withdraw her father’s guardianship


Singer Britney Spears petitioned a Los Angeles court on Monday to strip her father of controversial guardianship that gives him complete control of her estate and assign the task to an independent accountant in his stead, according to the request.
Spears’ attorney, Matthew Rosengart, revealed a week ago that he was taking “harsh and swift” measures to remove Jamie Spears, after the star testified in a Los Angeles court that she appeared deeply moved. Spears weeping begged the court to end this “arbitrary guardianship” and demanded an “investigation” against her father.

The right to choose who represents it

A petition was posted on the Los Angeles court’s website on Monday to appoint accountant Jason Rubin of California to manage the pop star’s finances.

According to the New York Times, the lawyer considered in the petition, according to the New York Times, that Spears “has the ability to choose who represents her” as her attorney, according to what was stated in a recent decision by a judge looking into the case, which means that she “has the ability to appoint” whoever manages her financial affairs. .

Judge Brenda Penny announced during a brief court hearing Monday that she will rule at the end of September on a petition to strip Jamie Spears of management of his daughter’s estimated $60 million property.

Guardianship 13 years ago

Fans of the singer have long been demanding her father’s hand, and in this regard launched a campaign to support her under the title “Free Britney” (Free Britney). Judicial guardianship was imposed in 2008 on the 39-year-old singer, after a significant deterioration in her psychological condition, which received widespread media attention at that time.

The owner of the song “Toxic” recently expressed her refusal to continue her father’s guardianship in the testimonies she gave before the judiciary, and in publications on social networks.

Most notably, she revealed that she was prevented from having an IUD removed despite her desire to have more children, and that she was forced to take drugs that made her feel “drunk”. And she announced in an Instagram post recently that she will stop performing live art shows as long as she is under her father’s guardianship.

Judge Brenda Penny had rejected an earlier petition to disqualify Jamie Spears filed last year. The next court session is scheduled for July 29 (July).


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