Brazil beat Germany by three in the first half of the Tokyo Olympics.. Video


crush Brazil national team His German counterpart, with three goals, in the first half of the match between the two teams, today, Thursday, in the first round of Group D at the Tokyo Olympics.

He scored the Brazil hat-trick against Germany, Everton striker Richarlison, in the 7th, 22nd and 30th minutes, respectively, from the age of the first half.

Brazil had the upper hand in the first half, as it completely dominated the match throughout the first 45 minutes, and succeeded in besieging the Germans in the middle of their stadium.

Samba threatened the German goalkeeper, with a number of confirmed goals, and was able to translate 3 goals from them in the first half.

Seleção missed the opportunity to add the fourth goal, after Matthews missed a penalty kick saved by the German goalkeeper.

The Tokyo Olympics draw placed the two teams in Group D, along with Saudi Arabia and Côte d’Ivoire, in the strongest groups.

Cote d’Ivoire won its first victory over Saudi Arabia, 2-1, in the same round this morning.

Today’s match is a repeat of the last 2016 Olympics final that was held in Rio de Janeiro, when the samba team won the gold medal on penalties.

And Andre Jardine, coach of the Brazilian Olympic team, had chosen the 38-year-old veteran Dani Alves of Sao Paulo for the Seleção list, while Real Madrid’s Rodrigo Goes and his colleague in the Royal Vinicius Junior were absent.

The Brazilian national team also includes Malcom, the current Zenit and former Barcelona striker, Douglas Luiz, Aston Villa’s, in addition to Everton striker Richarlison.

The Brazilian Olympic team prepared to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, by achieving a broad friendly victory over its UAE counterpart, with a score of five goals against two.

As for the German national team, most of its players depend on the players of the under-21 team, which recently won the European Championship, in addition to the over-age players, Maximiliano Arnold of Borussia Moenchengladbach, and striker Max Kroos.


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