Biden will not tolerate attacks by Iran’s militias


An American official confirmed to the American newspaper “Washington Post”, Friday, that “US President, Joe Biden, will respond to any attack by Iran’s militias in Iraq.”

The official stressed that “Biden has decided to pursue a zero-tolerance policy against Iran’s attacks.”

The US president was quoted as saying that “attacking the Americans in Iraq has consequences.”

“We warned Iran, through diplomatic channels, against supporting militias in Iraq,” the US official said.

In his statements to the American newspaper, he explained that “the response to Iran’s militias in Iraq is to deter, not to escalate.”

The US official revealed that there is an “increasing technological development in the Iranian militia attacks against us in Iraq.”

Linda Thomas-Greenfield

Linda Thomas-Greenfield

Greenfield: The American bombing of militias is self-defense

In a related matter, US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield sent a letter to the President and members of the Security Council regarding US air strikes on pro-Iranian militia gatherings in Syria and Iraq.

The US ambassador described the bombing as self-defense in accordance with Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

Sites targeted by US bombing

Sites targeted by US bombing

The US ambassador concluded the letter by saying that the United States is ready to use the necessary and appropriate response for any further attacks in the future.

US President Joe Biden’s decision on Sunday to launch air strikes against Iranian-backed militias in Iraq and Syria showed how the US administration plans to deal with attacks on US forces and facilities in the region.

In this context, a senior US official said that the United States would respond forcefully to any attack targeting it, “even if no American military was killed or injured,” according to the Washington Post.

The three US air force strikes on Sunday targeted weapons storage facilities used by the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades and the Iraqi Sayyid al-Shuhada Brigades, according to the US Department of Defense, the Pentagon. On Monday, the militias responded with missile attacks on US forces, but no deaths or injuries were reported.

Since last April, militias in Iraq have carried out five drone attacks on American facilities, including on a CIA center in the city of Erbil in the spring. The attacks showed the militias’ increasing technological sophistication, which alarmed the White House. This sparked a series of discussions within the administration about an appropriate response, culminating in last week’s strikes, US officials familiar with the matter said.

In contrast to the simple remote-controlled drones used by militias in the past, the recent series of attacks have involved GPS-guided and operated drones.

The US State Department has informed Iran through “multiple channels” of the dangers of its support for armed militias in Iraq.

A State Department spokesman said of the recent US strikes: “We were clear that this operation was conducted to disrupt and deter, not to escalate.”


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