Best ways to solve slow Chrome browser


Tell me – according to technology experts, the performance of the Chrome browser

It may not always depend on the browser software itself, but on the device from which it is used and on the Internet used as well. The first step that can be followed when noticing the slow performance of the browser is to check the Internet network settings in the device and check the work of the Internet used across several devices.

The second thing that may affect the speed of browser performance also is opening a large number of tabs and Internet pages simultaneously, so experts advise closing sites and pages that do not need to be used while working with other pages and sites.

Hardware acceleration turned on can sometimes affect the performance of Chrome browser, so it is recommended to disable this feature while browsing the Internet.

One of the things that may affect the work of the Chrome browser is that its cache is filled with temporary browsing information, so it is recommended to empty this data from the browser from time to time.


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