Berwas Hussein is infected with Corona and asks for prayers for her in her health crisis


Iraqi Kurdistan singer Barwas Hussein revealed that she was infected with the Corona virus, as she asked the audience to pray for her to pass her health crisis well and recover soon.

Berwas Hussein.. Photo from her Twitter account.jpg 5.jpg
Berwas Hussein.. Photo from her Twitter account

And through a tweet by Berwas Hussein on her account on Twitter, the Arab Idol star wrote: “Unfortunately, I have been confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus, may God keep this disease away from you and heal all patients, please protect yourself and do not deprive us of your prayers.”

Immediately after announcing the news of her infection with Corona, she received the comments of the followers who wished her a recovery from her health crisis, as one follower wrote: “We ask God to heal you and give you a complete recovery that does not leave sickness,” and another follower wrote: “May God heal you, O Lord, and heal every patient.”

Berwas Hussein is scheduled to perform a concert next month in the event of her final recovery. The last work of Berwas Clip was the song “The Spies” since March of last year.

* Tweet by Berwas Hussein on Twitter


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