Behind the mountain and without weight.. an argument between an Iranian minister and a deputy stirs up communication


During the past hours, the conversation on social media and Iranian circles focused on the verbal altercation that witnessed the meeting of the anti-Coronavirus headquarters in Sistan and Baluchestan province, in the southeast of the country, between high-ranking Iranian officials.

An argument took place between the representative of the city of Zahedan, Fada Hussein Maliki, and the Minister of Health, Saeed Namki, because of the latter’s statements about the health conditions in the province.

From word to word, as it is said colloquially, the dialogue reached a verbal clash, and the deputy’s insistence on the Minister of Health’s apology for his statements regarding the outbreak of Corona in Balochistan province led to a response between the two, whose echo reached people on Tuesday evening.

Addressing the minister, who attributed criticism of the Ministry of Health to “regime opponents”, Maliki said at the meeting: “I have done security work for 40 years, and I know better than you… Where were you when I was the assistant chief justice?”

“I did not come from behind the mountain.. you have no weight”

Namki replied, “I have also worked in the health field for 40 years. I have been collecting malaria in this province for 30 years, and I did not come from behind the mountain.”

With this speech, Al-Maliki insisted that the Minister of Health should apologize to the people of the province, while Namki said that he “always apologized” to the people of the province for any neglect, but he never apologized for any “words that diminish the sacrifices and hard work of health workers,” as he put it.

While Maliki threatened that the previous Minister of Health’s statements had “legal and judicial” dimensions, saying: “We will not allow anyone to insult the people of the province.”

“Instead, you should apologize to the people,” Maliki replied. “You are of no weight to you.”

It is noteworthy that the dangerous situation of the outbreak of the new Corona virus in the province of Balochistan, in recent weeks, has sparked a wave of criticism against the Ministry of Health, but the Minister of Health described these criticisms as “rioting, distortion and sedition.”

In addition, Baluchistan is considered one of the most deprived and degraded provinces in Iran. It has much fewer health, treatment, educational and economic facilities than other provinces. It also suffers from unemployment and marginalization at high rates, not to mention the miserable living situation of the population.


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