Barcelona reaches a friendly agreement with Neymar!


The Spanish club Barcelona announced that it had reached an agreement with its former Brazilian star Neymar to end the judicial dispute between them in an amicable manner outside the courts, to bring down the curtain on the accusations leveled by each of them since the player moved to Paris Saint-Germain in 2017.

“Barcelona announces that it has amicably concluded out of court the various litigation cases… that have been opened against the Brazilian player Neymar da Silva Santos Junior,” Barcelona said in a statement. And he continued, “In this context, an agreement was signed between the club and the player to end the legal issues that were pending between the two parties: three work-related lawsuits and a civil case.”

Neymar moved to Saint-Germain in the summer of 2017, in a record deal amounting to 222 million euros, which is the value of the penalty clause that allows him to terminate his contract with the Catalan club, which he moved to his ranks in the summer of 2013. On August 27 of that year, Barcelona filed a lawsuit against Neymar demanding it. By returning the contract renewal bonus he received, in addition to 8.5 million euros in compensation and an additional 10 percent for arrears. Barcelona claimed that Neymar owed him money he received as part of the renewal bonus when he signed a new contract in 2016.

The Catalan club also asked Saint-Germain to take responsibility for paying the fees if the player was unable to do so himself. On the other hand, the Brazilian star filed a lawsuit against his former club, demanding that he pay the full amount of 64.4 million euros that was agreed upon in 2016 in exchange for extending his contract until 2021. Barcelona paid the first installment of this amount, amounting to 20.75 million, before the player’s departure to Saint-Germain, but he did not. He pays the rest of it, but in turn, he resorted to the judiciary to recover the first installment he paid to the Brazilian. In June 2020, a Spanish court ruled against Neymar, forcing him to return 6.79 million euros to his former club. According to the Barcelona court, which ruled in this case, Neymar is not entitled to the amount he is demanding since he terminated his contract before reaching its expiry date.


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