Bank of America analysis: Bond purchase flows see biggest increase in 5 months with $8.4 billion | latest news


Bank of America analysts estimated Friday that global fund investors have poured the most money in nearly five months into high-quality bonds over the past week.

Numbers analysts at Bank of America said funds bought $8.4 billion in bonds overall, of which $2.6 billion was in US government bonds.

The numbers cover the week ending Wednesday, so they included the strong rally in the bond markets on Monday when it seemed that Return of global cases of COVID-19 It suddenly ignited fears about the possibility of economies returning to normal.

US stocks also witnessed the largest withdrawal in six weeks at $ 2.6 billion, and the largest outflows from European stocks and gold since March at $ 700 million and $1 billion, respectively.

However, the bank estimated that funds pumped $3.3 billion into stocks worldwide, although $1.6 billion went into technology and $1.5 billion went into healthcare stocks, which once again highlights the impact of the virus. .


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