Ban on leaving Tehran in any direction due to Corona


Yesterday, Tuesday, the deputy head of the Iranian traffic police announced a ban on leaving the Iranian capital, Tehran, “in any direction”, and imposing a fine of one million tomans on those who violate this decision taken by the authorities due to the fifth wave of the spread of Corona.

Referring to the fifth wave in the country, Taymour Hosseini said that “about 190 cities in the country entered the orange and red color for Corona,” and the traffic police imposed restrictions on traffic, and that the classification of cities in red to indicate that they had reached the highest level of danger, and the classification in orange came for cities Which is in the second degree of danger.

According to the traffic police official, travel to and from Corona’s orange and red cities is prohibited and restricted.

He said that there is a ban on travel to the northern cities of the country on the Caspian Sea in the provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran, classifying the Iranian capital, Tehran, among the red cities, stressing that it is prohibited to leave Tehran in any direction, and violators are subject to a fine of one million tomans.

According to the latest official statistics of the Iranian Ministry of Health, 92 cities in Iran are currently classified in red, 183 in orange and 173 in yellow, which is less dangerous.

In the wake of a widespread outbreak of the Indian delta strain in Balochistan province, which borders Pakistan in the southeast of the country, all offices, institutions and banks in the province have been closed since Tuesday.

Meanwhile, despite Iranian officials’ claims of producing “four homemade vaccines” and importing foreign ones, the country’s vaccination process is slow, with the Iranian Ministry of Health reporting that only about 4.5 million of Iran’s 85 million population have received the vaccine.


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