“Bal Baladi” Zaaq: There is only one wave left, called Qalayed Relaxers, in the summer in Al-Baladi


Citizen – Riyadh

Khaled Al-Zaaq, a member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, predicted that there was only one wave left in the summer called Al-Qalayd Relaxers.

heat waves:

Al-Zaqiq explained, through his official account on Twitter, that the heat waves mainly return to the India Depression, whose mouth is located between Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, noting that there is only one wave left, called “Al-Qalayid Relaxers.”

He pointed out that the Arabs used to call extreme heat waves “Al-Wughrat”, which begins in the “Thuraya” season in June, and reaches its intensity in the “Al-Murzam” and “Kulaibin” seasons in July and August, and the last of them will be in the “Safri” season in September.

5 waves in summer:

Al-Zaqaq added that there are 5 heat waves that summer passes through, the first in the “Thuraya” season, which is called “the grape cook”, the second in the “Gemini” season, which is called “the fig cook”, and the third during the “Al-Murzam” season, known as “Sabbagh Al-Loun”, while the The fourth is in the “Calibean” season, known as “the dates cooker”, and the last heat wave is in the “Suhail” season.
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