Assigning Nawaf Salam a red line… A reference on March 8 surprised the party’s support for Mikati, the candidate for French intelligence…


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Apparently, a new vitality appears on the horizon among the international forces influential in Lebanese politics, particularly the United States and France, that may push for the birth of an “important government”, committed to implementing a specific program with two items, stopping the economic collapse in Lebanon, and holding the upcoming parliamentary elections, according to What is reported by sources close to President Najib Mikati.

It revealed that Mikati’s “centrist” position in the Lebanese internal structure, and his “moderate” positions, made him enjoy external approval, specifically the American and French, and Saudi approval, to head the aforementioned “mission government” at this delicate stage the country is going through.

The same sources indicate that the majority of the Lebanese components represented in Parliament will name Mikati as the prime minister in charge of forming the expected government. And it conveys that he is fully prepared and ready for positive cooperation with the presidents of the republic, General Michel Aoun, and the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, in order to achieve the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese, according to the sources.

In this context, Marja’ Traboulsi, who is in contact with Mikati, considers that the various political parties are in crisis at the present time, and they need the birth of a government, that limits the unprecedented economic collapse that Lebanon is witnessing, and works to defuse a major social explosion that is likely to occur soon, if it continues. The current economic pressures on the Lebanese people, and the deterioration of the living and social conditions are necessary.

The reference points out that there is an international trend to limit the aforementioned collapse, for several considerations, most notably the failure of the displaced Syrians to flee to European countries, and to circumvent the assumption of Hezbollah control over the main joints in the country, if the situation leads to a complete collapse.

He considers that if the situation deteriorates in this way, Russia and China may intervene to save the situation, and this is what the American and French sides avoid, and always in the opinion of the reference. In addition, he affirms that the aforementioned parties have a need to hold the parliamentary elections on time, because they are trying to make use of the “protest movement” that crystallized strongly after the October 17, 2019 protests, and which are financially and propaganda supported by them and some Gulf countries, perhaps bringing about a change in the composition of the current parliament. , (i.e. seeking to reach a parliamentary majority in the upcoming elections to confront Hezbollah and its allies).

The reference is likely to assign Mikati, the mother of Dr. Nawaf Salam, in the parliamentary consultations, which are scheduled to take place next Monday, or the next Thursday at the latest, to make way for the completion of the movement of government consultations, the reference concludes. The Free Patriotic Movement tends to name peace, but nothing has been settled so far, according to a deputy in the Strong Lebanon bloc.

Sources close to the “current” recall what Mikati had committed against the President of the Republic, and the Free Patriotic Movement, most notably the day Mikati, in conjunction with his fellow former presidents Michel Suleiman, Amin Gemayel, Tammam Salam and Fouad Siniora, tried to confuse Lebanon’s official position at the summit. The Arab League, which was held in Amman in March 2017, the day they sent a letter to the General Secretariat of the summit, in an attempt to circumvent the position of the President of the Republic in support of the resistance and Arab solidarity, by restoring Syria to its seat in the Arab League.

The sources do not forget Mikati’s famous position, when he said: “I headed the government in 2011, after Prime Minister Saad Hariri left the Grand Serail, to rein in the Free Patriotic Movement…”, the sources conclude.

As for Hezbollah’s position on government affairs, an official reference in the party asserts that it will not impede any internal consensus on naming a future prime minister, but the issue of assigning Nawaf Salam is a “red line,” the reference concludes.

Here, the reference of Wazen in the March 8 team is surprised by the undeclared position of Hezbollah in support of Mikati, “a friend of the French intelligence director, Bernard Emie, stressing that the proposal to assign the former is a combination of the latter, with American consent and Saudi conviction.

The reference considers that this “combination” did not come out of nowhere, but rather as a result of very successful experiments between Mikati and the West. There is no doubt that the practices of the “centrist leader” during his tenure of power confirm this. He was at the forefront of bypassing the Lebanese judiciary, and questioned it, by approving the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, and financing it at the expense of the Lebanese people. Then, the appointment of security officials hostile to the axis of resistance, who fabricated unjust accusations against the former security leaders and others, and imprisoned them in the “Cedar Revolution” prisons for about four years without any legal justification.

Here, the reference expresses its concern about the positions of the Director General of Public Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, and the Director General of State Security, Major General Tony Saliba, in the event that Miqati takes over. He reveals that Emmy’s enthusiasm for assigning his friend is for two main reasons: the attempt to establish a French hand on the port of Beirut, by awarding him to a French company run by a friend of Mikati, who is of Syrian origin.

It also obstructed the activation of the Lebanese-Syrian bilateral relations, and prevented the return of the displaced, and Mikati had a clear experience in this regard, the day he and his colleague General Michel Suleiman refused to name a committee to schedule the return of the displaced Syrians to their homes, after Damascus named a committee for the same purpose in 2013, under the auspices of the Secretariat of the Supreme Council. The Lebanese-Syrian, and the reference concludes by saying: “This is the tip of the iceberg.”

Despite all the media atmosphere prevailing at the moment, which indicates that Mikati’s assignment is imminent, knowledgeable sources following up on the merits of government affairs assert that nothing has been settled until now, especially since Hariri will not take a decisive position in support of Mikati, in light of the great opposition of Siniora and Representative Samir al-Jisr. To assign a timer. Likewise, the “Lebanese Forces” will not touch him, so Mikati’s support is limited to President Nabih Berri’s bloc and only those who revolve in his orbit, and this support is not chartered for naming Mikati, especially after the balanced Christian blocs took a decision to withhold their votes from him, the sources conclude.


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