Are we witnessing an increase in cell card prices?


The Syndicate of Traders of Cellular and Telecommunications Companies in Lebanon confirmed that “there is no change in the prices of recharge cards for prepaid cellular lines, and that there is no reason for them to monopolize and store them in order to achieve profits,” warning of “their expiration in the event of doing so.”

In a statement on behalf of the union, Captain Ali Fattouni indicated that “there is no increase in the prices approved by the ministry,” praising “Minister Talal Hawat’s understanding of the citizens’ suffering and standing by them in many cases, including his free offerings in the Internet sector and other services.”

And he reassured that “the quantities are available at the agents and all cell stores, and that there is no need to panic and carry out storage operations, especially since the cards will be subject to damage after the expiration of their validity period.”


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