Aramco announces the leak of some of its data through a former contractor who demanded that it pay a ransom


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Saudi Aramco announced that its data had been leaked through one of its contractors, who demanded that it pay a ransom in exchange for retrieving its leaked information.

AndThe company said in a statementAramco recently learned of an indirect leak of a limited volume of its data held by external contractors.

“We confirm that the data leak was not caused by a breach of our systems and has no impact on our operations, and the company will continue to maintain its strong cyber security.”

This time, it was through leaks made by one of her contractors, a “contractor”, who demanded a ransom of 50 million dollars in order to retrieve her leaked information.

In a brief statement to the Associated Press, the company said: A few days agoIt appears that there are leaked files that are being used to attempt electronic extortion for a ransom of $50 million.

She added, “We have recently learned of an indirect publication of a limited number of company data held by third parties contracting with it.”

Ransomware is a form of electronic data hijacking that generates cash for hackers who encrypt their victims’ data and then demand money to enable them to access it again.

In 2012, Aramco was among the companies that were attacked by the “Shamoon” virus, which is able to destroy information on computer hard disks, in worst attack Email targeted Saudi Arabia until today.


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