Apple plans to add Face ID to Mac computers


site said MacRumors Apple is planning to add facial recognition (Face ID) to the company’s Mac computers, over the next two years.And the website quoted this news from the well-known journalist Mark German in Bloomberg Network, who expressed his belief that Apple aims to add facial recognition to all its products, including the basic non-flagship iPhone phones such as iPhone SE And so iPad Air that supports touch recognition (Touch ID).

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German said that the touch feature will remain an important part of Apple products, especially for basic models, because it is an inexpensive alternative to the Apple feature. Face ID While continuing to provide security protection for users.

German had previously said that Apple was planning to add facial recognition to the recently redesigned and released 24-inch Mac, but it postponed this step to the upcoming Mac, which will also see a design change.

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Unlike iPhone and iPad, Mac laptop screens are much thinner, which makes it difficult to insert the depth sensors needed to support facial recognition. Face ID, as pointed out by Germann.


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