Apple makes the biggest change to the iPad mini


Sites interested in technical affairs reported that Apple is determined to launch the iPad mini, and it has made many modifications that the device has not seen in nine years.
According to the available information, the devices are expected to appear in the fall of this year, as they will be launched under the name “iPad Mini 6”, and you will get significantly thinner structures than the structures of the current “iPad Mini”, and you will also get screens with very narrow edges, and the control button will disappear from these devices The head from the front end may move and be integrated into the power button that will be placed on one of the side edges of the chassis.
According to Russia Today, the dimensions of the new computer chassis are supposed to be 206.3 x 137.8 x 6.1 mm, while the Lightning port will be replaced by a USB-C port, and a fingerprint scanner will be placed on one of the edges of the chassis.
Some websites have leaked information indicating that the upcoming iPad mini will have 8.5- and 9-inch screens, and the processors in them will be of the modern A-class developed by Apple.
It is noteworthy that informed sources said that the giant American electronics company Apple is currently developing a new service that allows its customers to pay for their purchases from the Apple Pay electronic payment service in installments to compete with the “buy now, pay later” service offered by famous electronic payment companies such as Affirm Holdings and PayPal Holdings.
And the Bloomberg news agency quoted the sources as saying that the new service, which is currently known within “Apple” as Apple Pay Liter, will depend on the Goldman Sachs Group to provide the financing required to pay the value of purchases by “Apple” customers.


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