“Apple” explains the importance of the new update for all “iPhone” devices after this loophole!


Yesterday, Monday, Apple revealed a new update for all its devices; It aims to address one of the vulnerabilities that threaten its users’ devices with hacking and spying.

The company unexpectedly released the “iOS 14.7.1” update, just a week after it released the “iOS 14.7” update, after discovering that the vulnerability allows the hacker to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges, which allows him to hack Basically hardware.

In a support document, Apple urges all its users to download the new update, noting that it is available for “iPhone 6s” and later versions, all models of “iPad Pro”, “iPad Air 2” and later versions, and “iPad” generation. The fifth and later versions, the iPad mini 4 and later, and the seventh generation iPod touch.

And about the impact of the vulnerability, the American company stated that it is able to execute arbitrary code with “kernel” privileges, and that “Apple” is aware of actively exploiting this problem.

The iOS 14.7.1 update also fixes a bug that breaks the Apple lock with iPhone integration, which prevents phones with Touch ID from unlocking the Apple Watch.

The iOS 14.7.1 update is available with a download capacity of 900MB.

It is reported that Apple is expected to launch its new iPhone 13, and some interesting information about it has been leaked by technical sites specialized in technology and new mobile phones.

Source: Sawa Agency


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