An orphan who changed his life, a trip from Rome to Beirut.. the secrets of the “Arab artist” Muhammad Abdo


The great Saudi singer, Mohammed Abdo, had tears in his eyes at his last concert on the Jeddah stage, while singing the words “I am tired of injustice and unfairness”, as behind these words were many challenges that the great Gulf artist faced since his difficult childhood due to orphanhood.

Abdo’s father died when the latter was a year and a half old, so he spent his early years in an orphanage. He began his artistic career as an amateur in 1957 through school songs.

In 1960, he participated in the radio program “Baba Abbas”, joined the Industrial Institute in Jeddah, and obtained a diploma in shipbuilding. He worked at the beginning of his life in the post office.

He was chosen among the members of a Saudi mission heading to Italy to build ships in 1963, but the trip turned from Rome to Beirut, meaning from building ships to building artistic glory, as he discovered his talent and was adopted by Faeq Abbas Ghazzawi, poet Taher Zamakhshari and composer Omar Kadres..

In 1982, Abdo was awarded the title “Artist of the Arabs” by the then Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba, who also awarded him the “Bourguiba Medal for Cultural Merit”.“.

Muhammad Abdo retired from singing for approximately 8 years between 1989 and 1997, as he moved away from reviving concerts, for many reasons, most notably his impact on the death of his mother, and to review what he presented in the past, and to plan what he will present in the future..

From his first wife, he has 7 children: Noura and her nickname, Wood, Reem, Haifa, Abdel Rahman, Badr and Dalal, and from his French wife of Algerian origin, he has 3 children: Alia, Khaled and Al-Anoud.

In 2020, the President of the General Authority for Entertainment, Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, announced the archiving of Muhammad Abdo’s works using “hologram” technology, as the first artist in the world to have his works archived in this way.


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