An important statement by the Information Directorate in the House of Representatives regarding the explosion of the port of Beirut… What are the details?


The Information Directorate of the House of Representatives issued the following statement:Since the explosion of the disastrous port, whose disastrous and tragic consequences struck all the Lebanese people to the core, some well-known parties of passion and affiliation have continued to target the Parliament and the Representatives. The constitution, the rules of law and justice, and a misrepresentation of the truth that no Lebanese person but wants in order to fulfill the truth, preserve justice, and bring justice to the blood of the martyrs and the wounded.

The media directors of the House of Representatives call on the judiciary, especially the judicial investigator, to move to put an end to this described abuse of his mission and the logic of law and justice, while at the same time insulting the martyrs and the right of their families to know the truth about what happened on August 4 and to know the truth about who brought nitrates into the port and how the explosion occurred.The Parliament, whose parts were destroyed and dozens of its employees and guards were injured as a result of the ominous explosion, reiterates that it cooperates, cooperates and will cooperate with the judiciary, and that its first task now is to form an investigation committee in accordance with Law No. 13 and conduct the investigation from beginning to end, away from any investment. Political or populist overthrow the result that leads to justice.


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