An explosion rocks Tehran… and an Iranian official: We are investigating its dimensions and causes


In light of the mysterious fires and explosions that Iran witnesses from time to time, Iranian media reported on Friday evening that a huge explosion occurred near the radio and television headquarters in the capital, Tehran.

In addition, the semi-official Fars news agency reported that an explosion was heard in northern Tehran in the early hours of Saturday local time (Friday evening GMT), without giving any other details.

“We are investigating its dimensions and causes.”

In turn, the deputy governor of Tehran, Hamid Reza Gouda Radi, said that the authorities are investigating the dimensions and causes of the explosion in the capital, adding to the semi-official Tasnim news agency, “There was only one explosion inside Malat Park.”

In response to a question about whether this was an attack, Judeh Radi said, “We are investigating the dimensions of the accident and its causes, and we will provide information after we are sure.”

Fars news agency quoted a fire department spokesman as saying that firefighting and rescue teams had been dispatched to the area in the north of the Iranian capital.

On Wednesday, an Iranian official reported that at least 7 people were killed in an explosion at an oil and gas pipeline station in the southwestern city of Shush.

The mayor of the city of Shush, Adnan Ghazi, said that the explosion also wounded 4 others, who were taken to the city hospital.

It is noteworthy that Iranian oil and gas facilities have witnessed several explosions and fires in recent years.


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