An Emirati wins a “Nissan Patrol” in Dubai during the “RPM” draw – The Economist – UAE Economy


The Dubai-based RBM car rental company announced the result of the third draw for one of three 2021 Nissan Patrol Safari cars, where the prize was won by Emirati citizen Bader Al Dhahouri.

This came within the framework of the campaign launched by RBM for car rental in April 2021 on the occasion of the opening of new branches of the company, and it comes in support of revitalizing tourism in the Emirate of Dubai..

Mohamed Al Marzouqi, CEO of RBM Car Rental, said, “The company is continuing its promotions to stimulate sales and keep pace with the strong activity of tourism after opening the air thanks to the pace of vaccinations against the “Covid 19″ virus in the UAE.”

Al-Marzouqi stated that the organization of the current competition came on the occasion of the opening of new branches of the company, stressing the continuation of expansion and targeting new segments of customers.

The drawing obtained licenses from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.

Rashid Khamis Al Mazrouei won the first car that was drawn on May 10, while Saudi citizen Mishaal Al-Daihani won the second prize last June..

Al-Marzouqi revealed that a new drawing will be added to a fourth car on the first of next September.

The conditions of RBM rent a car, to compete and win the car, included that the customer purchases a coupon worth 350 dirhams through the company and obtain one of its services, which is valid until September 1, 2021, and thus qualifies to participate in the three draws that will be organized in all transparency and impartiality. Activities on social media.

The CEO of RBM Car Rental stressed that the car rental sector in Dubai keeps pace with developments constantly, and always aspires to meet the aspirations of customers with high flexibility and transparency, and to respond to the increasing demand due to the recovery of the tourism sector and the approaching organization of the Expo 2020 Dubai during next October..

Al Marzouki praised the government’s initiatives to grant long-term residency of up to 10 years as well as decisions to grant citizenship, stressing that granting 100,000 programmers around the world to reside in the UAE will have a very positive economic impact on several sectors such as the growth of consumer spending and the increase in demand for real estate, for example, in addition to this. This procedure may increase the demand for car rental in the country with the entry of new residents, because they will be targeted customers for car rental companies..



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