An arbitration expert clarifies the validity of Al-Ahly’s penalty in front of El Entag El Harby


Ahmed El-Shennawy, the arbitration expert, resolved the controversy over the validity of the penalty kick that Al-Ahly club received against El Entag El Harby, and Ali Maaloul scored the first goal for the Red Team in the match that took place between them in the Premier League.

“Al-Shennawy” said in televised statements: “Al-Ahly’s penalty kick is correct because there is a clear violation, as the goalkeeper rushed with his hand in the direction of the player, so the referee’s decision is completely correct.”

The arbitration analyst on “On Time Sports” confirmed that the El Entag El Harby club was not entitled to any penalty kicks during its match against Al-Ahly.

El-Shennawy praised the performance of the referees of the Al-Ahly and El-Entag El-Harby match, stressing that most of the referee’s decisions were correct and handled the tests during the match well, and his mistakes did not affect the outcome of the match.

Al-Ahly defeated El Entag El-Harby 3-2 in the match that took place between them on Sunday evening, in the Egyptian Premier League.


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