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The phenomenon of harassment is widespread in many Arab and Western societies, and among different circles, advanced by the artistic community in the recent period, which prompted the emergence of the phenomenon of “Me to Me Too” that was born among celebrities and Hollywood artists, where they revealed their exposure to harassment and published the names of the harassers in public. , which prompted ethical and legal trials against a number of film and art stars. It seems that a number of Arab celebrities decided to open this hot file in public, in order to encourage others to confront this shameful phenomenon, and not to neglect their rights, and to let the harasser get away with his act, as a number of artists and artists revealed situations in which they were subjected to harassment, so what were their reactions ?

Zainab Gharib
The latest of these was the young Egyptian actress Zainab Gharib, who revealed that she was harassed by a veterinarian, who chased after her and photographed her inappropriately from behind, while she was walking in an Egyptian street, and she succeeded in catching him, and filed an official complaint against him, and the court sentenced him to a fine. Recently.

Haifa Wehbe
The Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe was also exposed to a famous incident during her celebration several years ago with the special screening of her movie “Halawet Rouh”, where her presence caused a mass demonstration, to be harassed, and was reported by many cameras.

Dina El-Sherbiny
The star, Dina El-Sherbiny, revealed that she was sexually harassed by a young man who assaulted her by touching her body, while she was in a coastal area several years ago, and caught him despite the harasser’s attempts to escape from her, and beat him in the middle of passers-by in the street, to teach him a strong lesson.

Abbas Abulhassan
Men – too – are subjected to harassment, which was revealed by the Egyptian artist Abbas Abul-Hassan, through the media, that he was sexually harassed by a famous Egyptian dentist, who was recently arrested, and is being investigated, because of the numerous charges against him.

Raniya Yousif
The star Rania Youssef went through a severe harassment experience, which affected her psychologically, as she and her daughter were harassed, and at the time felt weak, because she was unable to defend her daughter, which caused her depression and sadness for a while, and she decided to address this phenomenon and expose the harassers, even if it was on Social Media.

Yusra Louzy
The Egyptian star, Yousra Al-Lawzi, had been harassed by an elderly man, in the presence of his son, after the first verbally assaulted her from inside his car, and she took her right from him in her own way, as she broke his car’s lantern with her foot.

Halima Boland
While Kuwaiti Halima Boland revealed that she was subjected to verbal harassment by a number of Arab youth, while she was in London, to watch a match years ago, and she succeeded in dealing with the difficult situation.

Tamer Hosny
The artist, Tamer Hosni, was also harassed by some fans over and over again, and the most difficult of these situations was, when one of the women who embraced and kissed him strangely and suspiciously harassed him, while he was reviving a wedding party in a major hotel, and he was shocked by her shameful behavior, which he dealt with With him very carefully.

Sherine Abdel Wahab
The Egyptian actress, Sherine Abdel Wahab, revealed that she was harassed more than once, and the harasser did not escape from her, until after he received a hot lick, to become an example for everyone who begged him to do so.

toxicity of wood
As for the artist, Sumaya al-Khashab, she was keen before to support the girls to confront this phenomenon with videos exposing the harassers, and revealed that she was subjected to verbal harassment by some young people, while she was driving her car, and on the social media.

Ghada Abdel Razek
The Egyptian star, Ghada Abdel Razek, revealed that she was harassed by a passerby in the street, and she was very shocked, as she remained for a while not understanding what happened to her, and she had previously discussed the issue of harassment through the series (Al-Khanka), which she presented in 2016.

Hussein Fahmy
As for the Egyptian star, Hussein Fahmy, he revealed that he was sexually harassed in a strange and shocking way, by a number of girls inside the elevator, as they took advantage of his presence alone and harassed him, which prompted him to contact the security to end the matter inappropriately.

Hala Sedky
The artist, Hala Sidqi, also revealed that she had previously been harassed, at the funeral of the late Sanaa Jamil, by a young man, and she did not have her nerve, as she slapped him in the face, to teach him a lesson in literature, after she was shocked by the shameful situation.

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